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Last Update: 2004-10-04 00:57:40 JST

TiMidity++ 2.13.3 Released

This is a bug fix release that fixes the compile error on Win32 platform. All other platforms aren't affected to this, so you don't have to update unless you are compiling TiMidity++ on Windows.

TiMidity++ 2.13.2 is available at the SourceForge.net release system. Checksums are:

% sha1sum TiMidity++-2.13.2.tar.*  
8e603146e1164335303a5ac5dff291f369241b4e  TiMidity++-2.13.2.tar.bz2
8d1762aeda0ed765f2f49e5560a8700f490c1853  TiMidity++-2.13.2.tar.gz

TiMidity++ 2.13.1 Released

TiMidity++ version 2.13.1 is out.

This version includes various bug fixes, as well as some feature improvements such as support for libao, FLAC, Speex, and GTK+2. More details are listed on the Wiki page.

TiMidity++ 2.13.1 is available at the SourceForge.net release system. Checksums are:

% sha1sum TiMidity++-2.13.1.tar.*  
3e85f5c5f5256409ff5174596734297c69668e66  TiMidity++-2.13.1.tar.bz2
fb09eb13c9ce2dcf046bd4a55032a46c34192c42  TiMidity++-2.13.1.tar.gz

Project CVS has been moved (by SourceForge)

SourceForge.net announced that they've moved the cvsroot. The new cvsroot for TiMidity++ is :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/timidity

Support for Ogg FLAC / Speex

Output modes for FLAC and Speex has been added into CVS.

Support for libao

libao output mode was added into CVS.

TiMidity++ 2.13.0 Released

At last.

We are very proud to announce the public release of version 2.13.0 of TiMidity++ OpenSource MIDI to WAVE converter/player.

This version of TiMidity++ contains many new features, as well as a number of other bug fixes. See NEWS for detailed information.


TiMidity++ 2.13.0 source files are availavle via SourceForge's release page. Go download page and get one.

What is TiMidity++

General Information

TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer. It can play MIDI files by converting them into PCM waveform data; give it a MIDI data along with digital instrument data files, then it synthesizes them in real-time, and plays. It can not only play sounds, but also can save the generated waveforms into hard disks as various audio file formats.

TiMidity++ is a free software, distributed under the terms of GNU general public license.

The History

TiMidity++ is based on TiMidity 0.2i, written by Tuukka Toivonen <tt@cgs.fi>*1, released on 1995. No new version of this original project is developed since then. Development has been continued by Masanao Izumo et al. in the new project named TiMidity++. ++ is to show the difference from original project.


  • Plays MIDI files without any external MIDI instruments at all
  • Understands SMF, MOD, RCP/R36/G18/G36, MFI
  • Converts MIDI files into various audio file formats: .wav, .au, .aiff, .ogg and so on
  • Uses Gravis Ultrasound compatible patch files and/or SoundFonts as the voice data
  • Displays information about the music that is now playing
  • Various user interfaces: ncurses, gtk, Win32-GUI, and others
  • Plays remote MIDI files over the network
  • Plays MIDI files in archive files
  • Displays sound spectrogram for the playing music
  • Trace playing

*1 He discontinued development because he was too busy with work

Download and Install

Source codes


The release is 2.13.0 and is available at SourceForge's mirrors


NOTE: development sources are not stable. They might have bugs. You should understand what you are going to do with these versions.

  • You can get hourly tarballs of the current source.
  • Or you can access directly to the CVS repository:
    $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/timidity login
    (Logging in to anonymous@cvs.timidity.sourceforge.net)
    CVS password:  (just press return)
    $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/timidity co timidity


Many people has ported TiMidity++ into various platforms; FreeBSD, NetBSD, many Linux distributions, Windows (and/or Cygwin environment), and Mac OS are known to have their own versions.

You may use their porting at ease. Some of them are listed in links.

Compile by yourself from the source

If you need an on-the-edge development version of TiMidity++, or if you live in an environment of no packages for it, or if you are so hungry to spend your time with debugger, you have to compile it by yourself. Refer Install instructions for a detailed info. TiMidity++ uses GNU's autotools, so compiling it may be easy.

Porting to a virgin platform

TiMidity++ is known to run under many platforms. If you believe your environment is new to TiMidity++, don't worry. TiMidity++ is designed to be portable. It should be easy if you have gcc compiler.


When you find a bug

When your TiMidity++ doesn't work, or generates a /dev/rand replacement, please tell us by reporting to TiMidity++ Bug Tracker.

Mailing lists

TiMidity++ now has two mailing lists:

TiMidity ML
This is the main developer list. Mainly in Japanese, though other languages are welcomed.
TiMidity Mailing list for English speakers. Topics are not restricted.


Detailed documents are moving to TiMidity++ document project.

Related Links


TiMidity++ is ported to various platforms by many people. Thanks!

The original version of TiMidity by Tuukka Toivonen
Page discontinued and is mirrored at University of Waterloo SCA
www.timidity.jp by Masanao Izumo
The official site for TiMidity++. Older releases are available here.
TiMidity++ for Macintosh by T. Nogami
Mac OS X Cocoa version is distribued here (Japanese).
Ranvis software by Kentaro Sato
Classic Mac OS version is distribued here (Japanese).
TiMidity++ Experimental by Saito2
Windows GUI version and MinGW command line version are available.
TiMidity Page by Aoki Daisuke

Related Projects

WinUMP by skeishi
UMP for Windows platform (Japanese).
twsynth by skeishi
TiMidity++ Windows Synthesizer (TWSYNTH) is a extended version of TiMidity++. If you use this with a MIDI loopback device, you can get High Quality MIDI sounds with your favorite sequencer player ....etc.
TiMidity MCD for OS/2 by Darwin O'Connor
TiMidity MCD is a special version that installs at part of OS/2 Multimedia system so that most applications that played MIDI files through your soundcard before.
timidity.dll by PT2K
TiMidity++ DLL wrapper (Japanese).
TiMidity++R by H.Miyamoto
TiMidity++'s front-end using Ruby/GTK+