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TiMidity++ interfaces

XAW interface

Basic XAW interface

XAW interface, can be invoked from timidity -ia, is a popular interface uses X Athena Widgets. If you have libXaw3d installed, TiMidity++ would use it instead.


As you know, you can customize the look and feel of any xaw applcations by writing .xdefaults. The default setting is in the TiMidity++ source tarballs.

Here's another example of XAW interface, by Chisato Yamauchi. This is a good example of customized look and feels.

GTK+ interface

GTK+ interface is a simple interface using GTK+ widgets. This interface acts just as the same as other GTK applications. If you get used to GTK+, this interface would be a easy-to-use.

Invoke it as timidity -ig, or this interfce is default when argv[0] is "gtkmidi".

VT100 interface

VT100 interface is not a graphical user interface, but an interface to run TiMidity in the console window.

Maybe most people prefer ncurses interface than this, because ncurses interface is much more powerful. so why this is here? well, the fact is, my machine cannot run ncurses interface. :(

Emacs interface

Emacs interface is somewhat different from other interfaces. It is for people don't want to leave emacs at all. After installing timidity, you can invoke this by typing M-x timidity from emacs.

Motif interface

timidity -im or "xmmidi" invokes Motif interface, which is available for people bought Motif. But, hey, you can use lesstif instead.